We collect and recycle waste electrical and electronic equipment.

Printed Circuit Boards

Standard and specialised circuit boards.

IT Equipment

Large computers, small computers, printing units, fax machines etc.


Public telephones, wireless telephones, mobile telephones, answering machines etc.

Telecommunications Equipment

Telephone exchange, base stations, relay systems and units.±*±±≠


Small and large energy transformers.


Energy, installation, data and other types of cables, conductors and wires.

Electric Engines

Small and large electric engines.

Large Home Appliances

Washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, stoves, electric cookers, electric warming panels, microwaves, air conditioning devices etc.

Small Home Appliances

Vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, toasters, fryers, coffee grinders, coffee machines, devices for cutting hair, hairdryers, alarm clocks, watches, scales etc.

Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Drills, saws, sewing machines, devices for turning, milling, buffing, shredding, sawing, cutting etc.

Entertainment Electronics

Radios, TVs, cameras, VCRs, music devices, audio-enhancers, recording equipment etc.

Lighting Equipment

Fluorescent lamps, linear fluorescent lamps, compactfluorescent lamps etc.

Lead Batteries

Accumulators and batteries.

We also collect and process plastics and metals.

Don’t know what to do with your waste raw materials?

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