WEEELABEX – WEEE LABEL OF EXCELLENCE. European Standards for treatment and Recycling of WEEE

WEEELABEX, in full Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment LABel of EXcellence, provides uniform rules for the collection, storage, transport, processing, recycling and reuse of e-waste.

Electronics currently holds the title of the fastest growing waste stream, and as quantities increase, so do the challenges of ensuring efficient end-of-life management around the world. The European Community recognized the issues and created the WEEELABEX certificate of excellence for waste electrical and electronic equipment. This standard is an integral part of the European Environment Program and helps European countries manage e-waste.

BLOK d.o.o. recognized the great value in the standard and was aspired to become the first Slovenian organization to receive the WEELABEX certificate for responsible mechanical treatment of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). “We are proud to be the first Slovenian organization to receive this certificate. The certificate embodies the practices we already adhere to in our center, and we are pleased that Slovenia is taking a proactive stance towards responsible WEEE treatment, ”said Lina Jerina Repanšek, Head of the Electronics Department.

WEEELABEX sets standards and closely monitors the treatment and disposal of WEEE. It also audits recycling outlets at the end of the process and focuses heavily on achieving high targets for WEEE recycling, health and environmental safety. Internal protocols of BLOK d.o.o. were harmonized with the WEELABEX model, and we are the first and only recipients of the WEEELABEX certificate in Slovenia for mechanical processing of electronics in Slovenia.


Željka Borić
Expert collaborator